Pakistan is a country where different people from different cultures are living or simply the whole Pakistani culture is a mixture of different other cultures. Hence, people have different interests, choices and beliefs but the most common thing among the people of even these different culture is its food. Pakistani food is famous all around the world. Pakistani Food is a combination of spice and sweet. In different areas, people has their own unique tastes and unique recipes to make different dishes. Pakistan has a four province and contain a lot of cities and every city has its own famous dish specifically.

Like in Punjab, there are different famous dishes of Punjab but “Paye” is the most important one. Paye is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about the Punjabi food because here desi food is liked a lot by its desi people. Another famous thing of Punjab is Lasi. It is considered to be the heart of people living in Lahore. And coming to another dish of famous among Punjabis is gol Gappy which is known as water balls. The people knows it by its different famous names like in India it is also known as pani-puri. Most of the Punjabi people likes desi food including meat and it is the main feature of the most famous Punjabi dishes. Similarly tikka, kebab, tawwa piece or Barbecue are also considered a favorite dish for Punjabis Also due to its tasty, delicious and appetizing dishes, Punjab is famous due to its foodie people.

Now we will talk about the other province which is Sindh. The most important city of Sindh is Karachi.  Karachi is famous for its food quality and spicy recipes in Pakistan. The most famous dish of Karachi is Biryani. The family gatherings in Pakistan is incomplete without biryani. It is considered an essential in all functions like weddings, birthday parties and on different celebrational occasions etc. Karachi is also famous for its diversity in kebab recipes but the simplest and most delicious considered is bunkabab. It is just the combination of bread and egg. It is so simple to make but it is more than delicious. Street food stalls in Karachi have their own recipe for bunkabab.

Here comes another one which is paan. Paan of Karachi is liked by all karachities. Paan is present in different categories like Katha-paan, sweet-paan etc.

Now let’s talk about the famous dishes of Balochistan. The most famous dish of Baluchistan is sajji. It’s all about meat. The other famous recipe of Baluchistan is Dampukht. Dampukht combination of meat and cooked on fat. It is the specialty of Balochi restaurants.

Let’s move to the remaining or last province of Pakistan and talk about its famous food. The most famous food of KPK is chapli kebab. Chapal kebab of Peshawar is the combination of meat and spice and is famous all around Pakistan for its taste. No one can deny the importance of chapal kebab in Pakistani Food. Kabuli pulao is also the most famous recipe of KPK.

Pakistan is a non-vegan country. That’s the reason you will see that most of the non-vegan halal recipes belong to Pakistan and are now famous all around the world. Now you know about these famous Pakistani appetizers, so give them a must try if you still have’nt or if you are a foreigner and want to try Pakistani meals.